The Cedar Bench

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I built a large bench for my patio. I decided I wanted to sell my plastic andarondac chairs and have something that I could actually lounge on. What’s amazing is that I now have twice as much seating as well as storage.


This bench ended up costing half of what i’d pay for one in a store and the benefit is that I could customize the length to fit my patio perfectly. Most quality wood benches in the store are anywhere from $100 – $300 and my bench was about $50. All the wood was untreated cedar which was all pre-cut at the hardware store to the sizes that we pre-measured before hand. We also purchased some extra long screws, some boat varnish to finish the wood, sandpaper, and the decorative cushion for the top.

You can find this cute cushion at Canadian Tire for around $35

To top it all off, I found a retro style Coca Cola crate to store all my BBQ accessories in and next to that the little BBQ fits right in just so.


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