The Reusable Bag: Baggu

So the world is trying to stop the use of the plastic bag by replacing them with reusable bags. The thing is, reusable bags are just as bad, every company is producing them, a lot of them are still made from plastics, it takes a toll on the environment to produce the bags in factories and eventually these bags will end up in landfills.

But I guess somehow, saying no to plastic and bringing your own bag is better in the long run.

I came across some amazingly designed reusable bags today and I had to share them with you! The company is called BAGGU and the design is a knock off of the typical plastic grocery bag, so it’s easy to carry and will hold anything you put in it. They come in various sizes and some amazing colours. The best part is, they’re extremely affordable.

Tip: Always remember to wash your reusable bags! There was a test done, 64% of the reusable bags were contaminated with some level of bacteria and nearly 30% had bacterial counts higher than what is considered safe for drinking water. Some of the sampled bags contained unsafe levels of coliforms and fecal intestinal bacteria! SO WASH YOUR BAGS and avoid getting sick! (The study was commissioned and funded by the Environment and Plastics Industry Council (EPIC)

Check out this informative video:


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