Clutter Bug Be Gone

My plan in the next month or so, is to turn my storage room into a functioning craft/storage space. Right now it’s just filled with random  boxes and it’s totally not an enjoyable space. It’s REALLY tiny, but i’m hoping I can create a fun place to sew, craft and keep all my odds and ends in.

I found a few ideas of what I’m hoping to do, visual inspiration is always helpful. Looks like a trip to Ikea is definitely needed sometime soon. These cute white boxes will probably help with the visual clutter, I’m hoping to keep everything simple and one or 2 colours since the space is so small, simple is definitely key.

Watch out for a before & after coming soon, that’s if I don’t procrastinate.



3 thoughts on “Clutter Bug Be Gone

  1. The two pictures you posted for inspiration are adorable, I love all the colors. I feel that both of these would be a great decor scheme for a craft room. They would certainly help get your creative juices flowing. Very pretty.

  2. Cool! I don’t think I have ever been anyone’s first comment, so it’s my pleasure.
    Thanks for the tip on where to find those photos, I’ll be sure to be browsing through the apartmenttherapy site!

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