Childhood Toys

I’ve recently been forced to sort through a bunch of my childhood items that were in storage at my parents place, now that they’re moving, it was time to downsize and get rid of a lot of toys I had been storing away.

This post is not about the toys I’ve given away, but it’s about the one’s i’ve decided to keep, because they were a big part of my childhood and i’m still attached to them….even at the age of twenty-six….

Meet Pound Puppy, Pooh Bear and Glo Worm.

What’s your childhood toy or item? A bear? A blanket?

I’ve had Pound Puppy since I was a toddler and he travelled around the world with me, I used to use him as a pillow for my little head. As for Pooh Bear, I think he was given to me at a very young age, he’s super old and very worn. And lastly the ever trendy Glo Worm was just cool to use as a night light every time I went to sleep.

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