Feather Headbands

Finally after many weeks of procrastination, I got around to making myself a cute feather headband. I simply refused to purchase one from the many places around town that are selling them for $20-$45.

All it really takes is a little trip to a dollar store or a fish tackle supply store for the feathers and another trip to a thrift store or in my case, my mom’s old 80’s jewellry for some embellishment. And lastly find yourself some inexpensive headbands from accessory stores or even a dollar store. Then with a little creativity it all comes together.


Now that I understand how to make them, I will be making many of them and possibly selling them for around $10-$15, depending on what feathers are on them. If you’re lucky, I might just make you one as a gift!

One thought on “Feather Headbands

  1. Very cool Nicole! Im sure you’ve guessed that I hate paying insane prices for things I can make! Go crafty girls!
    Are you gonna make any with smaller feathers ? I would be interested in that for sure ( maybe pink ?)

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