Slipper Chair: Before and After

Over a year ago I came across a chair that was practically free. The fabric was ruined by a cat that thought it was a scratching post., but I thought it was cute and had some life in it somewhere.

I finally had some free time, so I thought i’d attempt to reupholster something for the first time. I picked up some discount fabric from Dressew on Hastings, I didn’t pick out anything fancy, incase I totally screwed things up. I also got some new foam for the seat. Since I have minimal sewing skills I attempted to cover the chair without sewing!

The pieces of the chair came apart pretty easily. I have to say, the worst part was removing the old fabric, it was so dusty and disgusting. With a whole lot of tucking, folding and swearing, I finished the whole thing in about 5 hours.

If I could do it over again, i’d pick a thicker fabric to hide any lumps and a bolder graphic print. But hey, the chair was practically free, so I can’t really complain.

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