DIY Christmas Ornaments

Last weekend Andrew and I went to a local shop to pick up a few craft supplies. If you live in Vancouver and haven’t been to this store, I really suggest you go there, they have just about everything, it’s awesome!
We wanted to find all the scrabble letters for both of our names, after scratching through the bin of letters, we were both in luck.

This was such a simple and fun project! All it took was a bit of glue, some felt to mount the letters on and some string to hang them. We also found random game pieces that represented our birth year.

2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Ornaments

  1. Sorry, non-super crafty gal here. I really like these, but what kind of glue did you use? Hot glue? Also, what kind of string did you use to hang them and how did you attach the string?


    • Hi,

      I just used regular white glue and waited over night for it to dry, you could probably use hot glue, but I feel like the scrabble letters might pop off over time.
      The string is honestly whatever I could find around the house, I think it was thin gold elastic string. The string gets sandwiched between the scrabble letter and the layer of felt I used as a backing, I placed extra glue in that area. Good luck! 🙂

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