DIY Animal Cake Topper

This is probably the most affordable and fun cake topper i’ve done ever.

1. Find your favourite plastic animals at the dollar store

2. Drill holes in their belly area just deep enough for a wooden skewer.
I didn’t have a power drill handy so I just used players and a skrew.

3. Attach bamboo skewers, they should fit in just find, no need for glue.

4. Spray  them your favourite colour, preferably one that matches your party theme.

I find that spray painting things in a small apartment is nearly impossible, but if you place your item in a box and spray into it, you’ll limit the amount of over spray.

12 thoughts on “DIY Animal Cake Topper

  1. This is absolutely fabulous! I wanted a cute cake for my daughter’s zoo-themed birthday party, but some of what you see on Pinterest is unrealistically hard for the not-icing-inclined like me 🙂 This is gonna be a great way to have a cake and decorate it too!

    Keep up the fun ideas!

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