The Fireplace

One of the first things we noticed about the space was the very large fireplace! So awesome, but so very very big. It took up so much wall space and the previous home owners had done a really ugly faux finish on the face of it. All of this had to change.

We took a trip to a reclaimed wood shop to hunt for the perfect piece to place on our mantel, this trip was also to purchase a large piece of Fir for our bathroom counter (but i’ll talk about this in another post).

I highly recommend checking out Vancouver Timber if you’re in the market for something unique for your home. Check out some of the photos below from our visit to the site.

We decided to slim down the lower section of the fireplace to fit with the top that extends all the way to the ceiling. We’ll also be removing the faux finish and keeping the face of it white and clean. We’re really not into mounting the television above the fireplace, so we plan to move it to the opposite wall and save the mantel area for art.

Here’s inspiration we found for the final look. Of course, ours won’t be as minimalistic and flat, but hopefully it’ll have a similar feeling.

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