Downstairs Bathroom Sneak Peek

Progress has definitely been made. The downstairs bathroom has been tiled, but not grouted yet. Check out how cool these tiles are, each piece is made to look like a unique piece of wood. We splurged on fancy italian tile for the floors, only because the square footage was so small.

To do List for Downstairs Bathroom (we’re not physically doing it all ourselves):

Grout Tiles
Install Claw foot bathtub
Install Toilet
Paint Walls
Install Vanity/sink
Install sliding closet doors
Install closet shelving/storage
Hang light fixture

This is the claw foot tub we’re installing. It’s pretty much our dream tub! We wanted to find an old one on craigslist, but everything we came across was too long for the space. We had 59″ to work with and most older tubs around 66″. In the end, we spent less than if we had to get an old one and fix it up.


3 thoughts on “Downstairs Bathroom Sneak Peek

  1. LOVE that tile on the floor. Where did you buy it? In Vancouver? Would appreciate finding out. Also love the clean look of the big white tiles. Great choices.

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