Vintage Dresser: Before and After

Thanksgiving weekend has been a busy one! Lots of apartment projects on the go. One of them is finally done. I found a dresser on craigslist, it was in really bad condition, the veneer was peeling off and the fixtures were discoloured, but I saw it had some life under all of that. Most people freak out at the thought of painting wood, i’m one of those people, but trust me, this was in really bad condition and wasn’t solid wood, so it was definitely paint worthy.The best part was, it fit perfectly into this awkward nook we have upstairs in the bedroom.

Paint used: Benjamin Moore high gloss Snowfall white and high gloss Tropicana Cabana

Check out the before and after below:

Update! This dresser was featured on Apartment Therapy, I’ve also posted an update to how I styled it over here.


15 thoughts on “Vintage Dresser: Before and After

  1. The detail on the hardware is so pretty. I’ve never seen those kinds before. What a good find, eh? I love the DIY projects you’ve been doing. You’re so creative.

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  3. Hi Nicole,
    Beautiful piece. I love your choice of colour.
    How did you remove the veneer? I have a beautiful cedar blanket box and there is a lot of damage only to the front .Parts of the veneer come off easy but the rest is really glued on. Someone recommended I use an iron. Any suggestions?

  4. Popped in by way of Apartment Therapy. Such a cute paint job & it fits in that nook just so! I would never think to paint hardware, but it does look nice with the Tiffany blue paint. (You could also probably go with silver paint on the hardware.) And where are those adorable prints shown in the Apt. Therapy post from pray tell.

    • Hi Eileen

      Thanks for visiting! The prints are from Ikea, they come in a 3 pack, it’s a pretty great deal.

      The hardware was in rough shape, it really needed the paint. I’ve never had luck with silver paint, it never looks truly authentic, but it’s a great suggestion!

  5. I wonder how hard it was to obtain the glass top you show it with on Apartment Therapy. I assume it was custom cut but was it expensive. Did you just contact a local glass store?

    • hi Melissa,

      Yes, just go to a glass shop, they generally will have cuts that are cheaper or off cuts from previous projects. It will depend who you work with. I luckily had some connections, but I know it’s for sure possible to get glass cut affordably for situations like this.

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