Spray Painting Our Fridge

The apartment came with a really old, really large, really not energy efficient fridge, but we’re really not in the budget for a new fridge, so we decided to give the giant white elephant a little facelift.

Eventually we’d really like to own a Smeg fridge (who wouldn’t…right?), but for now we decided to paint the fridge a fun colour to get used to having a pop of colour in the kitchen, until we have enough saved up to buy the dream fridge.

Spray painting tips:

  1. Wash your fridge, we used T.S.P.
  2. Cover your whole house in drop clothes. In our case, we taped off a little tent around the fridge. If you’re lucky enough, you could just take your fridge outside, but i’m sure that’s highly unlikely for most people. The spray paint “dust” will go everywhere…i’m not exaggerating, it literally goes everywhere, it’s the main reason why I will not spray paint something large indoors ever again, even though we made a tent, it still escaped, but on the bright side, it was easy enough to wipe up with a damp cloth.
  3. Tape off all chrome or plastic you don’t want to paint.
  4. Prime your fridge (I recommend using white primer, we found that the grey made the final colour pretty dull)
  5. Paint with your colour of choice. We used Krylon Pistachio.

Check out how it currently looks in our kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Spray Painting Our Fridge

    • Thanks! It does look pretty cool, but there is a down side, you can’t put magnets or things on the fridge, because it scratches off the paint, it’s pretty delicate, more of a temporary solution or a nice facelift to a really rotten fridge šŸ™‚

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