Kitchen Renovation Progress

The kitchen is almost done! We’re just doing some final touches. Things left to do:

  • under cabinet lighting
  • over head lighting
  • corner cabinet lazy susan
  • caulking

Things are still a little all over the place, so I just have one little photo to share right now. It’s the same angle as the before photo, so you can really see the difference. I love how much brighter the space feels.

The lower cabinets are Rattan Cane by Formica and the upper cabinets have been painted in a factory, a matte white. Our counter tops are Rice Paper by Corian and luckily when we purchased it, that specific colour was on sale! Our backsplash is a basic gloss white 4×9 white tile, since our cabinets and counter top were all matte, we went with a gloss backsplash to reflect some light.

We couldn’t afford to do solid wood cabinets, but we still wanted to bring in some of that natural wood feeling, so we saved the area above the sink for some solid fir wood floating shelves.

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