Recipe Adventure: Kiwi Lime Popsicles


Summer seems to be in full swing here in Vancouver and I’m one of those people that can’t stand the heat! I also find that when it gets really hot, the last thing I want to do is cook. Eating ice cream everyday can be pretty fattening, high in sugar and not very nutritious, so i’ve put together something very refreshing with a serving of fruit too! Oh and did I mention it’s a super easy recipe!

A popsicle mold.* I used this one: Tovolo Star Ice Pop Mold

9 kiwi fruits peeled and cut into quarters to make blending easier
Juice of 1 lime
4 tablespoons to 1/2 cup of sugar (depending on how sweet you’d like it)
you can replace the sugar with agave syrup

Blend all the ingredients until smooth, pour into popsicle molds, freeze overnight and enjoy!

*If you don’t have a popsicle mold, consider pouring it into an ice cube tray, they’d be a great addition to a cold glass of carbonated water!

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