Party Favours

For my friends bridal shower, I wanted to create a simple and useable party favour. I purchased some tiny glass bottles from Michaels and filled them with Japanese Roasted Rice Tea. Then I designed and printed small labels to hang on the bottles with string from the dollar store. The photos explain it further.



Earl Grey Cake – Bridal Shower Edition

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower at our apartment. I went all out and made my first 4 layer cake, Vanilla and Chocolate Earl Grey with Earl Grey butter cream icing. I had previously blogged about this cake, but decided to experiment and do a chocolate version, the contrast when you cut it open, looks so fun!

In the next few weeks i’ll be blogging about a few of the decorations I created for the shower, but I felt the need to share the cake photos now.


Holiday Origami

As promised, here’s some photos of how the origami ornaments turned out! I had the day off today, so I was very motivated to fold some paper! I went to my local dollar store and picked up some origami paper and I was on my way to awesomeness! Instructions for these can be found on Poppytalk.

Anthropologie Origami Workshop hosted by Poppytalk

Tonight was great fun! I went to a workshop hosted by Poppytalk at Anthropologie. We learned how to make origami Christmas ornaments. Hopefully in the next few weeks i’ll get around to finishing the project and post some photos of how it turned out. Thanks to Joanne  for sending me some photos to post. She’s the lovely lady in the last photo of this post, along with Jan from Poppytalk.

Come back soon to see photos of the final project!

Christmas Wrapping

I am the type of person that likes to be thrifty when wrapping gifts (and for pretty much everything else in life too). I especially hate buying wrapping paper, so I tend to recycle and reuse whenever possible. I try to add in a few fun touches here and there by using asian newspaper, string, or even random objects instead of a bow. This year I mixed brown paper grocery bags with small bits of wrapping paper instead of ribbon and topped them off with various gift tags i’ve found online. I am specifically in love with the tag designed by Brooklyn Limstone, it’s super fun and really well designed. Download the printable tags here.

Dear Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

Thank you for creating the Macintosh Computer. Without your invention I would not be the Graphic Designer I am today.

1994   I used my first Mac and fell in love with it. I made artwork in MacPaint and animated graphics in HyperCard.

2001   I had a class that let me play with photoshop, photo editing and fonts. This was when I fell in love with the Mac and discovered its true power.

2003  I took my first official photoshop class. I now realized I could actually have a career doing something I loved.

2006  I got my first full time job as a Graphic Designer and finally could afford to buy that MacBook Pro i’d always wanted. 

2011  Will be upgrading to the new MacBook Pro.



Steve, you will always live on through Apple products.
Here’s hoping you’ve gone up to that giant apple in the sky.


message above found from an unknown source on twitter