Refrigerator Thoughts

Lets take a moment to talk about refrigeration. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. When we bought our place it came with a late 1970’s refrigerator that was in decent enough shape to keep, but we definitely weren’t in love with it, we just didn’t have the budget to buy a new one since we had to get a new stove and dishwasher among  other things.


So we decided to do a mini makeover on the fridge and paint it a fun colour. You can read more about that process here. About a year later, the paint is still holding up, but the fridge handle is wearing pretty badly. Not only is the paint starting to wear, but the fridge is too.

Sometimes in the middle of the night i’ll be jolted awake by the loud motor turning on or off. Or i’ll be watching TV and i’ll have to turn up the volume to drown out the sound of the motor. Other times, we’ll have guests over and the motor will turn on and people will be like “what the heck is that noise?” and that’s when it hit me, I think the fridge is on it’s way out. I’m dreading the day of coming home from work, opening it up and discovering a fridge full of warm rotten food.

So, i’ve been loosely fridge shopping online the last few months, trying to find a brand I like, incase the inevitable day arrives where we have to rush out and buy something in a panic.


Andrew and I have always been into retro styled fridges, specifically the SMEG (isn’t everyone in love with it?). We lusted over it for years, dreaming of what colour we’d like in our kitchen, but we had never seen or touched one in real life. Then one day it happened, West Elm Market opened up a shop here in Vancouver and we finally got to put our hands on one. From a distance it was beautiful, shiny and fun, but then I reached out and touched it’s smooth shiny surface….. PLASTIC?!! I was so extremely disappointed to discover that the entire thing was made from plastic. It felt so cheap, it felt like a $400 Home Depot fridge in a cool modern/retro disguise. I was sad. I expected a solid fridge with an enamel painted body. I couldn’t believe it. How is it possible for a fridge to cost so much but have so little.

After a few weeks of mourning our loss, we had moved on. (kind of, I still dream about it in photos I see on Pinterest, but then I snap out of it and remember reality and the fact that we need a larger freezer.)

We’re still not really sure what brand we’ll be getting, as most are pretty ugly these days. I think my main issue is that it needs to be simple. No ice machines, no water machines, no digital stuff, no crazy compartments with many doors. It should also be energy efficient, but I  think most are these days.

My latest concern is that most new fridges are slick and stainless steel on the front, but the sides are black and ugly. Our fridge is free-standing and exposed in our kitchen, so it’s necessary to have a nice looking side.

Here’s a few models i’ve looked into, but realized that a quality fridge is pretty dang expensive.


1. GE  2. Maytag  3. Samsung  4. Viking

Got any refrigerator you’ve been lusting over lately? Share some links, i’d love to check them out.


Spray Painting Our Fridge

The apartment came with a really old, really large, really not energy efficient fridge, but we’re really not in the budget for a new fridge, so we decided to give the giant white elephant a little facelift.

Eventually we’d really like to own a Smeg fridge (who wouldn’t…right?), but for now we decided to paint the fridge a fun colour to get used to having a pop of colour in the kitchen, until we have enough saved up to buy the dream fridge.

Spray painting tips:

  1. Wash your fridge, we used T.S.P.
  2. Cover your whole house in drop clothes. In our case, we taped off a little tent around the fridge. If you’re lucky enough, you could just take your fridge outside, but i’m sure that’s highly unlikely for most people. The spray paint “dust” will go everywhere…i’m not exaggerating, it literally goes everywhere, it’s the main reason why I will not spray paint something large indoors ever again, even though we made a tent, it still escaped, but on the bright side, it was easy enough to wipe up with a damp cloth.
  3. Tape off all chrome or plastic you don’t want to paint.
  4. Prime your fridge (I recommend using white primer, we found that the grey made the final colour pretty dull)
  5. Paint with your colour of choice. We used Krylon Pistachio.

Check out how it currently looks in our kitchen.