Hallway Art

Our hallway is very broken up with doors, small walls and stairs. There’s a small section of wall that you can see when you walk in the door, and it was asking for some art! My parents gave us these awesome bicycle prints, they have been in our family for years. We had some super old Ikea frames that were actually made of wood, yes, that’s how old they were. So I purchased some mat board from Michaels and cut them to fit into the frames and just like that we added some character to the space.

The cabinet below was custom made from scraps of wood and then painted with some extra paint we had from our renovations. I didn’t want to have a cabinet in the hallway, but we had no choice, unfortunately the hallway was the only spot the internet could be installed in our place. So we built this super shallow cabinet to house the wireless router and all the cables, it also gives us a little extra storage.

Hallway art


Art needed

Coming from a background in fine arts and a career in graphic design, you’d think i’d have plenty of awesome art on my walls. The truth is I struggle with having my own art on our walls. I do have a few paintings up from my past, but in all honesty I only have them up there so I don’t have to put them in storage. I’d rather have some unique illustrations or typographic prints. There’s something kind of sad about having paintings on my walls from 2005, which is probably the last time I picked up a paintbrush. I’ve been trying to find unique graphic prints for our walls and I recently came across Minted. They have art prints created by independent artists, so it’s pretty awesome to be able to get something unique! Check them out: Limited Edition Art Prints

Hopefully I can find something to put in our bathroom to replace some images I ripped out of an old magazine. Having real art would be nice.

Here’s a few prints i’d had my eye on, but there’s so many to choose from it’s hard to figure out what I want.
Feathered Arrows by Pistols,  To the Ski Slopes by b.wise papers, Paris Street Shop 3 by The Lovely Letters, Little Houses on a Hillside by The Lovely Letters

minted art prints

Art to Boot and I Heart Van Art

Last month I contributed to an art charity event, called Art to Boot. We had to “art up” a pair of Blundstone boots and they’d go up for auction, money raised went to I Heart Van Art. It was a collaborative effort with my coworker David Manzl.

Carded 2010: Vancouver Art Show

On February 27th I checked out a sweet art show on Granville street. You walk in, purchase a $5 pack of mystery cards created by various artists, then you open them up and start trading with people in the gallery. It’s the most socially fun art show i’ve ever been too. I’m totally looking forward to checking out their other event Hot One Inch Action.

If you want to submit art or just check it out sometime, go here: http://www.hotartcard.com

$15 bucks later and some awesome trading, this is what we settled with:

Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year was special this year. It just happen to take place during the Olympics, Valentines Day as well as right near my birthday, so it was just so much celebration all at once.

On that Sunday I joined a bunch of people for a Dim Sum style brunch, before we headed out to Chinatown. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in time to see the parade, but it was still pretty busy with many things to explore.

The building below was renovated and in the courtyard at the back was an art installation with beautiful white umbrellas joined together to create lanterns. Apparently at night they light up, but I didn’t get to check that out. I did think they looked really amazing against the bright blue sky.

I’m featured on Vancouverisawesome.com

I’ve been featured on Vancouverisawesome.com where I talk about my daily routine, life, what I like and where I work. It’s called THE PROOF.

Click on the image below for a link to the full story.

I’m a Winner!

A while ago I talked about a contest where you could enter to win some amazing jewellery created by Bella-Bijou Jewellery. Today she announced the winner, I sat there thinking, meh I might as well not watch the video, I never win anything, it won’t be me…but I clicked the play button anyway…a few minutes later I freaked out when her random computer program name selector picked me! Yup, i’ve won amazing earrings and a beautiful necklace.

Here’s what i’ve won, should be arriving in the mail soon: