How to make a Wine Cork Reindeer

For the past 20+ years i’ve held on to a craft I made in grade school. He’s a very awesome wine cork reindeer that gets displayed every Christmas. For the longest time i’ve wanted to make him a friend, but I kept forgetting to save a few wine corks for the project. I’ve finally got enough, so I decided to share with you what you’ll need to make a wine cork reindeer. Perfect craft project for children and adults 🙂



Party Favours

For my friends bridal shower, I wanted to create a simple and useable party favour. I purchased some tiny glass bottles from Michaels and filled them with Japanese Roasted Rice Tea. Then I designed and printed small labels to hang on the bottles with string from the dollar store. The photos explain it further.


Valentine’s DIY

My birthday is on Monday, followed by Valentine’s day. This year I made goodie bags for a small birthday party i’m having on sunday. I sourced the craft supplies at my local asian dollar store, stickers, clips, really cute kraft paper with hearts on it and some simple white paper bags to hold all the items that I made. Inside the bags: homemade cookies, homemade banana chips, organic chocolate, and a small toy. If you’re curious about the font I used for the names, it’s called Kraft Nine.