Fall Finds 2011

This season i’m really into jewel tones, but then again, i’ve always been a lover of purple…and teal and… alright so it’s hard to pick just one colour, but i’ve picked out a few items that caught my eye this fall. I always think that accessories really change an outfit. You could wear black everyday (like I usually do), but add a cute scarf, some awesome boots and some bold jewelry it changes everything.

I’ve been loving that amethyst is really in style lately, it’s literally everywhere from handmade to mass made (h&m, aldo) it’s a must have right now. I specifically love it, because its my birthstone and one of my favorite colours. So keep the chunky crystal gemstones coming, I hope they never go out of style.

one: leather narcissa boot | two: amethyst crystal necklace | three: felt pendant necklace | four: circle scarf | five: gloves | six: felt hat | seven: Plum Wool Cordones | eight: amethyst crystal necklace


New Fashion Trend: Lamp Hat

Window display in Vancouver. Lamps for hats? This just makes me giggle and think of a post I did about another window display last year

Fine Finds: Fall 2010

Fall is in the air. It’s only the beginning of September, but I decided I wanted to think up some ideas for colours I want to wear this Fall. Red might be a fun choice. Here’s some items i’ve selected, all very affordable too.

All Natural for Summer

I’ve noticed that this summer everything is full of colour and super bright, but i’m thinking that some days you just don’t feel like being bright, so why not be natural. These are some items i’m loving for this summer.

Shoes: Native Shoes, Sunglasses: Shwood, Hat: Goorin Brothers, Tank: Old Navy, Ring: Ardenes, Bracelet: Ardenes, Shorts: Old Navy

Fine Finds on a Budget

Spring is (almost) in the air, which means i’m hoping to put my winter coat away very soon and hopefully start wearing skirts without tights! (wishful thinking…i know). Anyway, it’s about time I posted again, on cute items that won’t break your bank account.

So … here’s a little Spring inspiration for you. Yeah, I know, they said that Turquoise is the “it” colour for 2010, but I felt like being different, a little more of a natural vibe.

Denim Skirt: Old Navy, Floral Top: The Gap, Sweater: Old Navy, Converse Shoes: Sterling Shoes, Vintage Heart Necklace: from Etsy by vintagealcove, Decorative Bracelet: Ardenes

Fine Finds on a Budget

Here’s my find finds on a budget for January.
Floral Pattern Dress from Old Navy, Faux Leather Bag from Ardene, Gold Woven Gem Flats from Payless Shoes, Floral Applique Cardigan from Old Navy, Heart Ring from Etsy, Pocket Watch Necklace from Etsy, Belt from Ebay

Fabric to Faces

Do you love how magical origami can be? Well, i’ve just discovered something that takes it to the next level! Using clothing and textiles, Bela Borsodi creates animals, creatures and faces that seems to almost come to life.




You may also know Bela Borsodi for her magical Alphabet creation.