Mid Century Modern Style Before and After

Last week I found a cabinet for free and saw that it had some potential under the beat up ugly white paint job. From the inside I could see that it was mostly made of some kind of wood, but it was pretty beat up, so I figured I could only salvage the drawer front and paint the rest of it. The best part, the bottom of the cabinet had brackets attached for legs!

Check out the ugly before photos:
Cabinet Before

Here’s what it took to give this white box a new life:
– Sanding all over
– Sanding off all the paint on the drawer
– 2 coats of primer
– 2 coats of high-gloss enamel paint from Benjamin Moore – Tropicana Cabana + Snowfall White
– Attached 6″ Mid Century Modern style wood & metal legs from Home Depot
– 2 coats of tung oil (on the drawer and legs only)

Mid Century Modern Style Cabinet

I shared this in a guest post over at Poppytalk, go check it out.


Slipper Chair: Before and After

Over a year ago I came across a chair that was practically free. The fabric was ruined by a cat that thought it was a scratching post., but I thought it was cute and had some life in it somewhere.

I finally had some free time, so I thought i’d attempt to reupholster something for the first time. I picked up some discount fabric from Dressew on Hastings, I didn’t pick out anything fancy, incase I totally screwed things up. I also got some new foam for the seat. Since I have minimal sewing skills I attempted to cover the chair without sewing!

The pieces of the chair came apart pretty easily. I have to say, the worst part was removing the old fabric, it was so dusty and disgusting. With a whole lot of tucking, folding and swearing, I finished the whole thing in about 5 hours.

If I could do it over again, i’d pick a thicker fabric to hide any lumps and a bolder graphic print. But hey, the chair was practically free, so I can’t really complain.

Ikea Catalog Circa 1965

Just as the 2010 IKEA catalog comes out, I came across a few photos of a catalog from 1965. It’s funny, the layout and fonts still manage to  give off that “ikea” feeling.

I think the images really speak for themselves and honestly I wish they still made some of the pieces that are shown in these pages.