Wear Miniature This Year

I’ve been loving novelty vintage inspired items lately. It’s purely the cute factor and a little bit of nostalgia that makes me happy. I purchased a miniature fortune cookie necklace by BIKO at the Vancouver One of a Kind show this weekend, and i’m in love with it! Here’s a collection of the other miniature necklaces i’ve come across recently, most can be found on ETSY.

Feather Headband: Green & Blue

So it looks like it’s working out, i’ve purchased several plain headbands and plenty of feathers, but i’m still on a hunt for some brown ones!

Here’s the second headband i’ve made. Vintage brooch and braided headband holds these soft black, blue and green feathers. And don’t forget the peacock feather too!


Find Finds On A Budget

Ever since I can remember, i’ve always been a bargain hunter. If I find something I love in a pricey boutique, i’ll tell myself that I can find it online for less, or find something similar for less. It’s all about how you put it together to create your “look.” No need to spend hundreds.


I’m a Winner!

A while ago I talked about a contest where you could enter to win some amazing jewellery created by Bella-Bijou Jewellery. Today she announced the winner, I sat there thinking, meh I might as well not watch the video, I never win anything, it won’t be me…but I clicked the play button anyway…a few minutes later I freaked out when her random computer program name selector picked me! Yup, i’ve won amazing earrings and a beautiful necklace.

Here’s what i’ve won, should be arriving in the mail soon:

Forget Me Knot

Last week I discovered the works from Kiel Mead, when I got this ring I had no idea who the designer was, so I did a little google searching and was surprised to find out that Kiel Mead is a male designer! Who would of thought that a guy could design such a cute piece of jewelry!


I’m now thinking about getting the matching necklace, but maybe the ring is just enough. Only down side to the design is that you can’t wear it too often, because it hooks onto everything. It’s definately just a special occasion piece.

Bella-Bijou Jewellery Giveaway!

A fellow blogger and old friend of mine is having an amazing give-away! And you could WIN!

Here’s what you could win:


Matching Labradorite Drop Earrings and Labradorite Budding Necklace. The earrings sit approx 1/2 inch from piercing, and the necklace is 3/4 inch diameter, and hangs on a 16 inch sterling ball chain. This prize is a $60+ value!

How do you enter you ask ?

Here are the rules :
To enter this contest you must either blog, twitter, or change you facebook status to  mention “Bella-Bijou Jewellery is having a giveaway!” with a link to THEIR blog post.

Then you comment on THEIR post with the link where you promoted and they enter you into the draw. You get your name in the hat each time, meaning, if you facebook, twitter and blog about this contest you get your name in the draw 3 times and have better odds of winning!

The contest ends August 26 – 20 days from now! Best of luck to you all! They will be posting the winner on the 27th of August!