Refrigerator Thoughts

Lets take a moment to talk about refrigeration. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. When we bought our place it came with a late 1970’s refrigerator that was in decent enough shape to keep, but we definitely weren’t in love with it, we just didn’t have the budget to buy a new one since we had to get a new stove and dishwasher among  other things.


So we decided to do a mini makeover on the fridge and paint it a fun colour. You can read more about that process here. About a year later, the paint is still holding up, but the fridge handle is wearing pretty badly. Not only is the paint starting to wear, but the fridge is too.

Sometimes in the middle of the night i’ll be jolted awake by the loud motor turning on or off. Or i’ll be watching TV and i’ll have to turn up the volume to drown out the sound of the motor. Other times, we’ll have guests over and the motor will turn on and people will be like “what the heck is that noise?” and that’s when it hit me, I think the fridge is on it’s way out. I’m dreading the day of coming home from work, opening it up and discovering a fridge full of warm rotten food.

So, i’ve been loosely fridge shopping online the last few months, trying to find a brand I like, incase the inevitable day arrives where we have to rush out and buy something in a panic.


Andrew and I have always been into retro styled fridges, specifically the SMEG (isn’t everyone in love with it?). We lusted over it for years, dreaming of what colour we’d like in our kitchen, but we had never seen or touched one in real life. Then one day it happened, West Elm Market opened up a shop here in Vancouver and we finally got to put our hands on one. From a distance it was beautiful, shiny and fun, but then I reached out and touched it’s smooth shiny surface….. PLASTIC?!! I was so extremely disappointed to discover that the entire thing was made from plastic. It felt so cheap, it felt like a $400 Home Depot fridge in a cool modern/retro disguise. I was sad. I expected a solid fridge with an enamel painted body. I couldn’t believe it. How is it possible for a fridge to cost so much but have so little.

After a few weeks of mourning our loss, we had moved on. (kind of, I still dream about it in photos I see on Pinterest, but then I snap out of it and remember reality and the fact that we need a larger freezer.)

We’re still not really sure what brand we’ll be getting, as most are pretty ugly these days. I think my main issue is that it needs to be simple. No ice machines, no water machines, no digital stuff, no crazy compartments with many doors. It should also be energy efficient, but I  think most are these days.

My latest concern is that most new fridges are slick and stainless steel on the front, but the sides are black and ugly. Our fridge is free-standing and exposed in our kitchen, so it’s necessary to have a nice looking side.

Here’s a few models i’ve looked into, but realized that a quality fridge is pretty dang expensive.


1. GE  2. Maytag  3. Samsung  4. Viking

Got any refrigerator you’ve been lusting over lately? Share some links, i’d love to check them out.


Kitchen Renovation Progress

The kitchen is almost done! We’re just doing some final touches. Things left to do:

  • under cabinet lighting
  • over head lighting
  • corner cabinet lazy susan
  • caulking

Things are still a little all over the place, so I just have one little photo to share right now. It’s the same angle as the before photo, so you can really see the difference. I love how much brighter the space feels.

The lower cabinets are Rattan Cane by Formica and the upper cabinets have been painted in a factory, a matte white. Our counter tops are Rice Paper by Corian and luckily when we purchased it, that specific colour was on sale! Our backsplash is a basic gloss white 4×9 white tile, since our cabinets and counter top were all matte, we went with a gloss backsplash to reflect some light.

We couldn’t afford to do solid wood cabinets, but we still wanted to bring in some of that natural wood feeling, so we saved the area above the sink for some solid fir wood floating shelves.

Kitchen Cabinets

The original kitchen was not functional at all. All of the appliances and cabinet doors opened up onto each other creating complete chaos. We ripped out the 80’s bar area and removed the full height cabinets to allow for a more open space.

We salvaged old cabinets and figured out a way to fit them into the space. Well actually we hired contractors to do this because we have no clue what we’re doing when it comes to that stuff 🙂

We’ll need to remove the veneer on the outside of some cabinets and replace it with white and then order some cabinet doors.

Since it’s an L shaped open concept kitchen, we’re going with a lot of white and natural finishes so it doesn’t conflict with our living room design.

Eventually, we’d like to purchase or make a moveable kitchen island and have 2 stools.

One thing I noticed immediately is how much light has been added to the space just from having the white ceilings.

The Kitchen

We’ve officially started renovating!

We removed the floors and discovered the most hideous blue and brown paint on the concrete. Luckily the floors are polished, so the process to bring it back to it’s natural grey colour isn’t as costly as we thought!

Check out the kitchen, it’s highly dysfunctional with a serious lack of counter space. We’re changing the layout to an L shape that will include a movable kitchen island.

Removing it all and adjusting the electrical is taking a while, but it’s coming along nicely. Next weekend we should have our new cabinets in place.

Here’s a quick mood board we created with a few of the design elements we’re hoping to include:

New Apartment Coming Soon!

Guess what? I’m moving to an amazing loft next month! I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend and we’ll be fixing up the place. My blog will probably be filled with posts about before & after’s, DIYs, decorating for the next year or more? We’ll be getting some professionals to do the tricky stuff, but after that it’ll be a clean slate for us to have our way with. I’ll be attempting to document as much of it as I can.

Below are some photos of the space:

Amazing windows – one of the main reasons I wanted to live here!

Probably the most dysfunctional kitchen i’ve ever come across. The fridge and oven open up onto each other, the upper cabinets are extremely large and deep, you need a ladder to reach into them and that 80’s bar/island has got to go.

The ceiling is amazing! But the colour is scary. We’ll be painting it white with dark beams. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting professional painters for this part, the ceilings are 16ft tall, I don’t really see myself standing on a ladder that high up!

The downstairs bathroom will get new tiles, fixtures, a claw foot tub, and some sliding closet doors:

Goodbye lino floors and laminate counter tops, you won’t be missed:

I look forward to sharing our adventures in home renovation and decorating with all of you!

KitchenAid Mixer

After several years of debating and waiting for sales, I finally indulged and purchased a pistachio coloured KitchenAid Mixer. It’s such a beautiful colour and will be amazing for baking and cooking, I can’t wait for it to arrive!

I’ve already made a spot for it on my counter, because something like this needs to be displayed.

Now what will be the first thing I make in it…..