DIY Scrabble Coasters

This past Christmas I made a gift for a friend, knowing that she liked to play Scrabble. I couldn’t afford to buy fancy presents this year, so a craft project was a fun solution.

Unfortunately I don’t have step by step photos for this project, so hopefully my instructions are good enough. It’s really more about the idea, you could use just about any materials as a backing and use wood glue to set the tiles in place.

Here’s what the final product look like, 4 in total, each one has a hidden word. I used words that relate to drinking, “stir, pint, wine, brew.” I wanted to have 4 words in each coaster, but unfortunately it was tough finding enough letters to make lots of words.


The Scrabble tiles can be purchased online, but I found mine at a local craft store.

Items you’ll need:

Scrabble tiles (16 per coaster)
Thick felt with built in adhesive backing
Utility knife

First layout the letters how you’d like them for the coaster. Then, peel off the adhesive backing and lay your tiles as tight together as you can onto the sticky side of your felt. Use your utility knife to trim off extra felt around the edges. They can be done at this step, but I decided to trim my edges with thin pieces of felt. Adhesive felt is very forgiving, just make sure you buy the super thick type so your coasters won’t be floppy.