Maternity Photography

I recently got a chance to take photos of my very pregnant friend. I haven’t really done much photography of people and was super excited to get this chance to experiment.

I decided I wanted to go for sunny blown out lighting that makes for a dreamy mood.

Here’s a few photos from the session:


I’m featured on

I’ve been featured on where I talk about my daily routine, life, what I like and where I work. It’s called THE PROOF.

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Mechanical Faces

Ever since I was a kid, i’ve had the creativity to look at one object and see something totally different in it. I guess it has something to do with being an Aquarius…?

Swiss photographer Francois Robert, who is known for his whimsical book Faces has now transformed his images into a rug by FLOR, it’s called Find A Face and is available for $179.99