The Library

When we first viewed our apartment we knew the nook in the corner by the window was meant to be a floor to ceiling library, that and Andrew has a lot of books, so they had to go somewhere and look nice while being there. The previous owners just had a few floating shelves that were installed really badly with ugly brackets. It just didn’t have the impact that the wall should of had.

The ceilings are over 16ft, so in order to reach the books near the top, we’re going to need a ladder. Luckily each floor in our building has communal ladders, so for now that’ll do, until we save up enough money to buy a fancy wooden library ladder.

Check out the progress of our library. Materials used: MDF painted the same colour as our walls, pre-drilled shelving panels, so we could easily install the shelves and adjust heights according to books and little plastic pegs to hold the shelves in place.


Check out how the library looks now! We recently found a vintage library ladder that fits perfectly in the space.