DIY Vintage Book Page Table Runner

For Amy’s bridal shower, I created a table runner from old romance novels. Below, i’ll walk you through the steps to create your own for any event.


Roll out your ikea paper to the length you want your table runner to be. This will be the base of your project. I found it easier to have something to glue the pages to instead of trying to glue the pages to themselves. You’re then going to carefully remove the pages from your books and lay them onto the paper glueing as you go. They don’t need much glue, you can go back after and glue down the areas that stick out. It’s pretty straight forward. It really looks best if you find a book that has pages that are more of an older yellow tone, it gives more of a vintage vibe.

diy book page table runner


Earl Grey Cake – Bridal Shower Edition

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower at our apartment. I went all out and made my first 4 layer cake, Vanilla and Chocolate Earl Grey with Earl Grey butter cream icing. I had previously blogged about this cake, but decided to experiment and do a chocolate version, the contrast when you cut it open, looks so fun!

In the next few weeks i’ll be blogging about a few of the decorations I created for the shower, but I felt the need to share the cake photos now.


Upstairs Bathroom Renovation Complete

The upstairs bathroom is finally finished! Although these photos are not really up to date, they don’t include what we ended up doing with the corner shelf in the shower to cover the pipe. I’ll probably do a single post about this to explain in detail what we did to avoid cutting into the main water line and moving it. I previously posted about the progress of this room, but a lot has changed since then.

The bathroom took a while to finish because we were waiting for our counter top to arrive. We got a reclaimed piece of fir that was hand finished, it really looks more beautiful in person, it’s very smooth and the cracks and knots have been filled with epoxy, so you can see right into the wood. I was initially scared about getting water on it, but so far so good, it just beads right off, but I still wipe it regularly.

Someday we’ll probably change the light fixture, which was so cheap at IKEA. We just needed something urgently, so we went with it. It’s not the most attractive thing, with the black base that sticks out on the wall, but it does the trick for now.


Upstairs Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom is a bit of a nightmare. The previous tenants installed a steam shower where a closet once existed. in this closet there was the water heater and some electrical as well as 2 sprinklers and the water shut off for the suite.

We took down the dividing wall between the toilet and the steam shower to create a full bathroom. Unfortunately we aren’t able to move the sprinklers or the water shut off valve, so we’ll have to work around it. If we did move them, we’d have to discuss it with our strata council wait for approval from the board, this is definitely not an option on our tight schedule.

Our solution is to build a shelf around the water shut off value that will disguise it.

Our plumber created a second water shut off near the water heater, which was moved into the bedroom closet, so we won’t really need to access the valve in the shower.

The sprinklers will also be staying, but they’ll be hidden in the ceiling. We’re doing a fir slatted ceiling instead of drywall. It’s actually cheaper in terms of labour costs to do this and it’ll give the room a sauna feeling.

The shelf to disguise the shut off valve will be made of corian or plexi glass and will fit nicely in the corner to hold our shampoo etc.