All Natural for Summer

I’ve noticed that this summer everything is full of colour and super bright, but i’m thinking that some days you just don’t feel like being bright, so why not be natural. These are some items i’m loving for this summer.

Shoes: Native Shoes, Sunglasses: Shwood, Hat: Goorin Brothers, Tank: Old Navy, Ring: Ardenes, Bracelet: Ardenes, Shorts: Old Navy


Fine Finds on a Budget

Spring is (almost) in the air, which means i’m hoping to put my winter coat away very soon and hopefully start wearing skirts without tights! (wishful thinking…i know). Anyway, it’s about time I posted again, on cute items that won’t break your bank account.

So … here’s a little Spring inspiration for you. Yeah, I know, they said that Turquoise is the “it” colour for 2010, but I felt like being different, a little more of a natural vibe.

Denim Skirt: Old Navy, Floral Top: The Gap, Sweater: Old Navy, Converse Shoes: Sterling Shoes, Vintage Heart Necklace: from Etsy by vintagealcove, Decorative Bracelet: Ardenes

Find Finds for Fall

Here’s just a few things I think are awesome for Fall this year. Since it’s really creeping up on us fast in Vancouver, there’s nothing like a solid pair of boots that might end up lasting you a lifetime if you take good care of them. I’ve been eyeing Frye Boots lately.

I’m really into vintage/retro, specifically hats and jewllery, i’ve discovered some amazing hat designs from Louise Green, you may have spotted one of her designs on Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester, in the season premiere. If you’re wondering where the vintage cocktail floral ring comes from, it’s an Etsy find by 2dy4, find it here.

I’ve never been one to love shopping at The Gap, infact I haven’t been in a store in several years, but hunting online this season, i’ve found a super cute basic dress that will probably make it through the winter season as well. Pair the dress with their wool duffle bag and you’re all set!  The last item is a budget find, a faux leather braided watch from Ardenes, it’s about $9, but if you’re looking for quality, Fossil watches have similar style.